Why a blog?

Does the internet world need another blog? You’ll probably agree, the answer is no. So why am I starting one? What is my motivation?

Very simply, *I* need this blog. Lately, I’ve been feeling completely overwhelmed by the amount of information out there and the speed at which things change.  Too much world for my little brain, it feels like.  I need space, time, perspective.  I’ve been feeling this need for quite some time.

Writing helps me slow down.  It helps me think and process and get perspective.  It is good practice, too, for finding words for things.  Sometimes even important things go unsaid because I can’t quite find the right way to express myself.  It seems this problem has gotten worse as the internet has taken over more of my life.  I find myself scanning words a lot, skimming for just the take away.  But you can’t take those same shortcuts when you are trying to express yourself, or talk about your art, or explain your thoughts on a topic, or why something is important to you.  So I will practice here.  Practice slowing down and thinking through; practice finding just the right words.

I want to get better, also, at being more fully myself.  There is no room in this world, no time, for pretending.  There is no contribution of value to be made by living the way I think others think I should live, or doing what I am “supposed to” do or “should” do.  That is a false, fragile,  and inauthentic way to live, and not worthy of my God.  I’m hopeful that writing will be a good tool for learning more about myself, appreciating who God created me to be, and growing in areas that I need to mature and grow.  I was created unique–there is no one else on earth quite like me, with all my combination of interests, talents, faults, quirks, strengths, and circumstances.  And do you know what?  There is no one else quite like you, either.  We can only complement each other in this life if we are each living authentically as we were intended by our Creator.

Does this sound like quite the navel-gazing venture?  I hope it will be more than that!  I hope that some of the things that interest me will interest you as well, and that we can learn more about our differences, too, in conversations that are kind and respectful.

Please join me on this continuing venture!








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